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About The Book

Orgasm, we know it all…but do we? We all want to have it no matter who we are or how old we are no matter how often we’ve experienced it before, yet we still crave for more.
We spend a large part of our lives desiring sex and pleasure but very little time enjoying it!
It doesn’t have to be this way!!!
In these books you will find how to:

Sexual Energy and trigger points

Harness sexual energy so you can move and channel it with your intention. You will also get to identify various energy centers and trigger points stored in the body and the relationship they play with orgasm

Multi-Orgasmic Potential

Explore different dimensions of the human body, sex and orgasm that go beyond the purely physical. Unlock your multi-orgasmic potential and experience deeper, nourishing and healthy orgasm

Different Orgasmic Cycles and sexual techniques

Understand the orgasmic cycle and learn to differentiate between masculine and feminine Orgasm. Learn various sexual techniques that help in Amplifying your Orgasm

Rewrite rules for better sexual relationships

Understand each other’s communication, consent,and boundaries better, enabling a safe place to experience Amplified Orgasm

Genital Trauma and Pleasure

Use practical tools relating to neuroplasticity that helps to reprogram the mind and body to open up new pathways to experience amplified orgasm and heal from sexual trauma. Complete pleasure and bliss can only be experienced when pain and trauma leaves the body

“Orgasm happens both from within us and from the connection between us.Your partner doesn’t give you orgasm. Your partner creates the space for it to happen.”

—Michael Charming

Who I Wrote This Book For

  • want to learn how to deal with hard realities that one faces in relationship and sex.
  • thinks female orgasm is mysterious and sometimes unachievable.
  • to learn how to separate ejaculation from orgasm (for men) and how to radiate sexual energy and orgasmic bliss (for women).
  • want to experience intimacy, sex and orgasm but are stressed or believe have no time for these important needs in life.
  • suffer from anxiety, abuse, trauma, hurt, depression, pain and find it difficult to let go and surrender to the present moment.
  • shame sexual desires, dismiss their arousal and keep their fantasies guarded in secrecy.
  • want to explore different kinds of orgasms and want to start their Path of Amplified Orgasm.
  • want to learn the technique of experiencing multiple and whole-body orgasms.


Amplify Your Orgasm and Experience the Quality of Your Life and Sex Getting Amplified

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Exclusive Sneak Peek

Read Amplify Your Orgasm – Part I Book Chapter Summaries exclusively here!

Chapter 1: The Emotional Body

Emotions are rooted in the body and are characterised by physical states while feelings are rooted in the mind and are subjectively experienced.

Learning to express the sensations we feel in our body can help facilitate better communication during love-making, allowing for better energy exchange, and ultimately leading to amplified orgasms.

3 Easy Steps to Becoming Multi-Orgasmic







There are various types of coaching sessions available to choose from to have one become multi-orgasmic. If you are familiar with where you are in your Orgasmic journey and what would you need to take it to next level, then choose the session that works best for you from the below:

Sexuality Coaching Sessions

1-2-1 coaching sessions focussing on aspects that comes in between identifying your full potential, available online or in person depending on your location

Amplified Orgasmic Method Sessions

a partnered sexual practice, available to both couples and singles

Making Relationships Better Session

1-2-1 coaching sessions focussing on aspects that stops you from having the quality of relationship you desire, available online or in person depending on your location

Emotional Detox Session

in person session aimed at clearing emotional and energetic blockages that hinders the flow of sexual and orgasmic energy

Body De-armouring Session

in person session aimed at clearing emotional and energetic blockages, re-programming the cellular memories, releasing trauma, pain, abuse etc stored in the body and that hinders the flow of love, sexual and orgasmic energy

If you are not sure which of the sessions best meet your needs, then you can arrange a call in which we will help you to navigate and assist you in finding what works best for you.

Your Orgasm is unique to you. Explore your own Path to Amplified Orgasm!

“Orgasm is an experience to be fully sensed and felt from moment to moment. It is not
an achievement to be aimed for. Your Orgasm is unique to You. Explore your own Path
to Amplified Orgasm!”

—Michael Charming

About the Author

Michael Charming is an Orgasm & Relationship Coach, Award Receiving International Speaker, Certified Bodyworker, Certified OM Life Coach, Founder of Amplified Orgasmic Method (AOM) and Author.

Michael grew up in India, birthplace of the Kamasutra, the world’s first sex treatise, and home to many ornate erotic temples. Despite the fact that sexual education was once a norm in Indian society, it has followed the West by turning it into a taboo subject. Of course, this made it all the more important for Michael to explore and learn more! Since the age of 17, it has always been his dream to become a pioneer in the field of sexuality and bring about positive transformation in society.

Michael believes that our inner world works in conjunction with our outer world, and as such it is important to give adequate attention to both. He also believes that because relationships often reflect aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, the relationship is the perfect place to get in better touch with ourselves and create the life we want.

Michael’s bodywork clients have experienced transformational changes in their lives. Many have felt profoundly relaxed, more confident, rejuvenated, joyful,emotionally light, and peaceful with themselves and their partners. Many of his clients have also experienced whole body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or inaccessible due to past trauma. Michael’s core vision is to help people have more orgasm in their life and to spread love, happiness, and deeper human connection.


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