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Love Mastery

What the attendees said:

‘I wish I was given this information and skills that were given today about six months back, when I was going through stress and near-depression in my life.’

‘The session relating to Love helped me see where I had been holding back from loving my mom. I had been holding this belief that my mom doesn’t love me, even though sometimes I know that she does. Being able to work through that belief and see different perspective, have already changed the way I see my relationship with my mom going. I called my mom during the break and we have already made progress in our relating. Thank you, Michael.’

‘I believe this kind of information should be taught in university so that we don’t have to go through relationship breakups. I have been through lot of breakup in my life and today I get to see some of the patterns I have played in creating the situations that might have enabled those breakups. I wish if I can go back in time to make some amends.’

‘When are you teaching another session again Michael as I would like to be there. I want to learn more, connect with my feminine, understand men and their behaviour so that I can have a relationship I want. I am looking forward to reading your book when it is published.’

Money, Orgasm & Relationship

Couple Attendees, MOR Workshop

‘There has been quite a lot of variety and different experiences of speakers. Got to learn different aspects because they all come with their specialism so that has been really interesting. If you really want to have improved, better, amazing relationship, you can’t expect it to work itself out. You have to come to course like this, invest in yourself, work with coaches rather than complaining about oh, he has done this or she has done that.’

Couple Attendees, MOR Workshop

‘The first time I heard about this workshop, Money, Relationship, Orgasmic, I thought, it doesn’t make sense to me but I was really interested to see what it was going to be about… Before this workshop, our communication wasn’t very good especially about sex and bedroom and after this workshop and the exercises, we opened up lot more and we get into deeper conversations, and communicating our desires and expressing ourselves much better so that the biggest change is that we are more open to each other, we are more sharing what we want from each other, what we like, certain boundaries and just feeling more each other… If you really want to understand and improve your relationship with one another and relationship with money and amplify your orgasm, youi must come and attend these events. Believe me, this is safe space where you will feel comfortable and relaxed to share whatever may come up…’

Attendee, MOR Workshop

‘Workshop has been pretty interesting for me like we have done couple of exercises, like working in pairs or in group. There were lot of questions asked so we looked deep down into our issues and it was cool to uncover some of the things that are inside that you are not aware of…..I think that the structure of the workshop was nice because different speakers were talking about different things like, how to approach women dating about, how your beliefs might be affecting you and standing in a way of being, achieving something that you want….I’m hesitant myself to go or come for this kind of workshops.There’s not many things I kind ofbelieve in.I’m really sceptical of things butafter coming here,I think it’s actuallyit was interesting andit was fun just to interact with people…
My message topeople who are hesitant to come to this workshop,which is give it a try just for once, at least once in your life, come to such a workshop, try it.

Attendee, MOR Workshop

‘I heard about this workshop through my girlfriend. Initially when I heard about this workshop.
I was curious, and trusted, mildly amused, and basically wanted to attend…..My experience has been very positive. It’s made me think about how to go even further in life, exploring concepts, ideas, which a little bit outside the comfort zone yet, you know, is going to lead to a better life.
Two or three takeaways from this workshop would be, gaining confidence to become the person that I really want to be, getting confirmation that in my case I was on the right track and learning how to connect better with my girlfriend and give her a better life. All the speakers in the workshop, have been very different….all enjoyable, giving a different angle on life, which has been very beneficial. My message to people who are resistant to attending this kind of workshop would be, well, first of all, you’ve got nothing to lose. You’ve got nothing to fear. You’re not going to leave feeling bad about anything and it’s a very good use of your time to explore something new
so, come on.

Better Relationship, Better Sex

Better Relationship, Better Sex

‘When I saw the Orgasm coach, I was slightly taken aback by it but when I came and thought, let me come it out, I’ve learnt so much more, I’ve had great paradigm shift. It has been totally mindblowing’

‘First time I heard about this event, I was uncertain. Moving from uncertainty to coming to this event, it was because I love to grow and grow happens out of comfort zone. When I heard about this event, I felt uncomfortable, and that is when I know I had to come..’

‘ views about the speakers was that they did exceptionally well, they were really professional. They really paid attention to where we were. It wasn’t just necessary a delivering state but it was more about where are the audiences. Where was I, Where was I mentally, where was I physically, where was I spiritually…’

‘….if you were to come to this event, you would get enough information maybe to not end up losing someone you love or being in a long-term relationship that you are unhappy with, those two options getting to the point where you are fulfilled more than you could be….’

‘..what I enjoyed most about today’s event is about that when you actually make sex rather than having sex for the sake of doing it, if you have emotional bonding, that strong emotional connection, it will be much fulfilling experience…’

‘…I would highly recommend. You want quality sex, you want quality relationship with others, be here ASAP…’

Attendee, BRBS Workshop

‘… feel the fear and do it anyway because it has had the impact a profound impact on me. And this topic and this area is something that touches all aspects of our lives and it will make your growth and life richer…. I went on intuition and I am actually really surprised in more than I expected and I got quite a bit out of this…… Content was really good. I felt it resonates, I felt there were some elements I could benefit from…. As soon as I saw the link to the event, I booked the ticket immediately.’

Attendees, BRBS Workshop

‘….the most I enjoyed about this event was the safe space that was created for men to open up, to be vulnerable and to share their stories and their sexual life….’

‘….if you do not commit to improving your relationship life, if you do not commit to improving your sexlife, it will certainly overtake you, and overwhelm you and it is going to put you in a very deep, depressed stage of your life ..’

Better Relationship, Better Sex

What the attendees said:

  • – ‘It was a great opportunity to share my stuff, and discover myself’.
  • – ‘I really hope and I wish they do more of this in the future’.
  • – ‘Discovered a new different page of my life’.
  • – ‘A beautiful and enchanting experience’.