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About The Book

Orgasm, we know it all…but do we? We all want to have it no matter who we are or how old we are no matter how often we’ve experienced it before, yet we still crave more.

We spend a large part of our lives desiring sex and pleasure but very little time enjoying it!

It doesn’t have to be this way!!!

In this book you will learn about:

Sexual Energy and trigger points

Harness sexual energy so you can channel it with intention. You will also get to identify various energy centers and trigger points located in the body and the relationship they have with orgasm.

Multi-Orgasmic Potential

Explore different dimensions of the human body, sex, and orgasm that go beyond the purely physical. Unlock your multi-orgasmic potential and experience deeper, nourishing, and healthy orgasms.

Different Orgasmic Cycles and sexual techniques

Understand the orgasmic cycle and learn to differentiate between masculine and feminine orgasm. Learn various sexual techniques for Amplified Orgasm.

Rewrite rules for better sexual relationships

Understand each other’s communication, consent, and boundaries better, enabling a safe place to experience Amplified Orgasm.

Genital Trauma and Pleasure

Use practical tools relating to neuroplasticity to reprogram the mind and body to open up new pathways to experience Amplified Orgasm and heal from sexual trauma. Complete pleasure and bliss can only be experienced when pain and trauma leaves the body.

“Orgasm happens both from within us and from the connection between us. Your partner doesn’t give you orgasm. Your partner creates the space for it to happen.”

—Michael Charming

This book is for people who…

  • are ready to engage in navigating the hard realities that we sometimes face in relationships and sex with bravery, authenticity, and compassion.
  • think female orgasm is mysterious and sometimes not achievable.
  • want to learn how to separate ejaculation from orgasm (for men) and how to radiate sexual energy and orgasmic bliss (for women).
  • crave intimacy, vulnerability, and satisfying sexual pleasure but who are locked in fear, shut down, or otherwise unable to surrender to these experiences.
  • suffer from anxiety, abuse, trauma, or depression, or pain and find it difficult to let go to fully experience the present moment.
  • shroud their true desires in shame, repress their “turn-ons,” and keep their fantasies guarded in secrecy.
  • are enthusiastic to explore different kinds of orgasmic experiences and develop an expanded sense of their layered body.
  • are curious about the Path of Amplified Orgasm and want to learn more about whole body orgasms, mindgasms, multiple orgasms, and more!


Amplify Your Orgasm and Experience the Quality of Your Life and Sex Getting Amplified

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Exclusive Sneak Peek

Chapter 1: The Emotional Body

This chapter explores our emotional lives and the profound and role the emotional body plays in cultivating intimacy and trust, deepening connection, and enhancing our experience of orgasm. Learn the difference between emotions and feelings, how to identify emotional sensitive spots, and develop an understanding of how our core beliefs shape our emotional reality.

Learn to express the sensations we feel in our body which helps facilitate better communication during love-making, allows for better energy exchange, and ultimately helps guide us to Amplified Orgasm.

Chapter 2: The Mental Body

Orgasm is a “whole brain experience.” This chapter explores the mental dimensions of sex and orgasm including a deep look into our core beliefs, the role society plays in shaping them, and the effect that narratives have in the construction of the self and our sense of reality.

Habits, both healthy and unhealthy, are formed by repeatedly using neural pathways. Sex and orgasm are experiences that utilise neural networks, and thus, can be “remapped” as a tool on the Path of Amplified Orgasm.

The Path of Amplified Orgasm requires enhancing our consciousness by harnessing the power of attention and intention and expanding presence and awareness. Learn how to expand your consciousness in ways that will serve you both in and out of the bedroom.

Chapter 3: The Energetic Body

For those new to thinking about energy through the lens of ancient knowledge systems, this chapter offers a gentle introduction and practical guidance on how to bring awareness of these energy systems to enhance your experience of sex and orgasm.

The energetic body at the most basic level includes seven major internal energy centres known as chakras, meridians that circulate energy throughout the body, and the seven layers of subtle bodies or auras that are the external part of the human energy field.

Aligning the auras during sexual intimacy becomes a powerful way to explore different types of orgasm including whole body orgasms and mindgasms.

Learning to tune into your own energetic body, as well as that of your partner, allows you to gain access to new levels of the orgasmic experience.

Chapter 4: The Physical Body

It is important to develop a positive relationship with your body and that of your partner. To do this, cultivate an attitude of curiosity, exploration, and hunger for knowledge about the amazing human body.

This chapter includes a treasure trove of anatomical information, including links between various systems and organs to the experience of orgasm that is sure to inform and offer insight into the physical aspect of sex and orgasm.

In addition, we will explore the body’s many erogenous zones. These are areas of the body that are extremely sensitive and can lead to a rise in feelings of arousal when stimulated. Rather than approaching them as a checklist, instead use erogenous zones as a kind of map for exploring the body and adding new dimensions to exploring sensation as well.

Chapter 5: Genitals

No book about orgasm would be complete without an in depth exploration of the genitals. This chapter includes an anatomical explanation with rich images to help you gain new insights about potential of genitals to enhance sexual pleasure.

In addition, we will go beyond the physical and explore your relationship with your genitals by taking a closer look at language, beliefs, and practices that have shaped your relationship with them. Of course, practical advice and exercises to improve your relationship are included as well.

Find the clitoris, the G-spot, the Million Dollar Point and other particularly sensitive areas that you may not even be aware of in this fascinating look at genitals in the human body.

Since the genitals are near the sexual energy centre, they can unlock tremendous energy explosions and also become the centre of sexual dysfunction. Energetic practices such as female ejaculation and semen retention are also explored to further your path towards becoming multi-orgasmic, and indeed, get yourself on the Path of Amplified Orgasm.

Chapter 6: The Spiritual Body: Desire and Fear

Desire arises from deep within us and guides us to our larger life’s purpose. It is important to understand the difference between desire and other distractions from our life’s purpose in the form of wants, wishes, impulses, compulsions, craving, and greed.

Repressing desire does not make them go away, it only damages our spirit by keeping us from our true life’s purpose.

This chapter gives you the tool to navigate the complex terrain of desires, teaches you to use desire as your compass in a healthy way, and gives you permission to explore your sexual desires without judgement.

Fear often happens in direct relation to desire, and it operates to keep us from achieving our desires by blocking our path towards fulfilling them. There are many different kinds of fear relating to sex and orgasm because both require intimacy, exposing us to vulnerability where we can be deeply hurt if judged, betrayed, or abused.

Fear is stored in the body and creates energetic and emotional blockages that must be released to fully experience amplified orgasm. This chapter will give you the tools to begin to identify fear in your life, learn to process fear so that you can let it go, and help you remove fear as an obstacle to your personal growth both in and out of the bedroom.

Chapter 7: Orgasm

There is an orgasm gap, with heterosexual women experiencing fewer orgasms with their partners then straight men, bisexual women and men, and gay women and men. Let’s close that gap!

This chapter explores various models of the sexual pleasure cycle proposed by various researchers, covers the idea of masculine and feminine sexual energy (without falling into the false trap of gender essentialism), and dives deep into the concept of sexual polarity and why it matters in terms of keeping your sex life spicy and passionate.

Masculine and feminine orgasms are different. Men and women are capable of experiencing either type of orgasm, for example, when men learn to become multi-orgasmic. Depolarisation is often the reason behind the death of sexual chemistry in many relationships.

In order to experience Amplified Orgasm, we must open our mind to the idea that orgasm is much more expansive than we may have previously thought.

Energetic orgasms are available to those who choose to devote themselves to learning to tune into their energy centres and expand their awareness, presence, and mindfulness to include attention to the energetic realm.

Orgasm is an experience to be fully sensed and felt from moment to moment. It is not an achievement to be aimed for.

3 Easy Steps to Becoming Multi-Orgasmic







There are various types of coaching sessions available to choose if you want to become multi-orgasmic. If you are familiar with where you are in your orgasmic journey and what you need to take it to next level, then choose the session that works best for you from the below:

Sexuality Coaching Sessions

1-2-1 coaching sessions focussing on aspects that comes in between identifying your full potential, available online or in person depending on your location

Amplified Orgasmic Method Sessions

a partnered sexual practice, available to both couples and singles

Making Relationships Better Session

1-2-1 coaching sessions focussing on aspects that stops you from having the quality of relationship you desire, available online or in person depending on your location

Emotional Detox Session

in person session aimed at clearing emotional and energetic blockages that hinders the flow of sexual and orgasmic energy

Body De-armouring Session

in person session aimed at clearing emotional and energetic blockages, re-programming the cellular memories, releasing trauma, pain, abuse etc stored in the body and that hinders the flow of love, sexual and orgasmic energy

If you are not sure which of the sessions best meet your needs, then you can arrange a call in which we will help you to navigate and assist you in finding what works best for you.

Your Orgasm is unique to you. Explore your own Path to Amplified Orgasm!

“Orgasm is an experience to be fully sensed and felt from moment to moment. It is not an achievement to be aimed for. Your orgasm is unique to You. Explore your own Path to Amplified Orgasm!”

—Michael Charming

About the Author

Michael Charming is an Orgasm & Relationship Coach, Award Receiving International Speaker, Certified Bodyworker, Certified OM Life Coach, Founder of Amplified Orgasmic Method (AOM) and Author.

Michael grew up in India, birthplace of the Kamasutra, the world’s first sex treatise, and home to many ornate erotic temples. Despite the fact that sexual education was once a norm in Indian society, it has followed the West by turning it into a taboo subject. Of course, this made it all the more important for Michael to explore and learn more! Since the age of 17, it has always been his dream to become a pioneer in the field of sexuality and bring about positive transformation in society.

Michael believes that our inner world works in conjunction with our outer world, and as such it is important to give adequate attention to both. He also believes that because relationships often reflect aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, the relationship is the perfect place to get in better touch with ourselves and create the life we want.

Michael’s bodywork clients have experienced transformational changes in their lives. Many have felt profoundly relaxed, more confident, rejuvenated, joyful,emotionally light, and peaceful with themselves and their partners. Many of his clients have also experienced whole body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or inaccessible due to past trauma.

Michael’s core vision is to help people have more orgasm in their life and to spread love, happiness, and deeper human connection.


For collaboration, media and general inquiries relating to coaching and upcoming workshops, kindly connect by clicking below.

Book Launch

‘…the book launch has been really fun, loads of laughters tonight, some of the giggles, read some excerpts from the book. I was really excited to see Michael get to No.1 Best Seller. Just want to say Michael, really appreciate all the work you have done, sending you so much love and really excited to see this journey unfold for you over the next years’

‘… friend introduced me to this event. The little things I could pick up is his ability to communicate, very clearly and in a very fun way on the issues and things that most people think are taboo. So, what I felt is the sense of being very comfortable journey….’
‘..I really resonate with what Michael is talking about in the book,.. its not just about orgasm just ejaculating. Its about the whole body and the mind connection and its about being and being connected to yourself in order to connect to another person.’

‘……I was invited to this event by Michael and it has been really awesome. He is such a good talker. … Michael thank you so much for inviting you. I really look forward to connecting with you in future. I think the work you are doing is really awesome and I can’t wait to know more…’


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Before reading Michael’s book, I thought as a 57-year-old man that I knew everything I needed to know about my sexuality, my own body and especially, orgasms, but I now stand corrected.
I’m not going to go as far as spelling out the changes his book has made in my life in such a public forum, but what I can share is this… I’ve never felt so comfortable about applying the new-found knowledge I discovered in, “Amplify Your Orgasm!”
There’s a saying in life that says, “You’re never too old to learn new things” and that’s what you’ll experience when you read and implement the learnings in this fantastic book.
I highly recommend it, so the 5 stars are well deserved.
Thanks, Michael, I’m looking forward to the part two version when it comes out.

I want to thoroughly recommend the book. It is truly not just about Orgasm but about life and humankind – and Michael has articulated brilliantly so many of the facets I’ve learnt over the years and more in terms of how the body and mind are connected, what drives feelings and thoughts and emotions and so on. Really well written, thought-provoking and of value to us all.

I bought the book and loving it. What a great read. People around me are asking for it and want to buy it too.

Great book with lots of great advice for healthy relationships