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Celebrate Love

An Hourglass Inspiration
Central London
08th Feb 2020

Speaking on topics that include:

  • Sexual desire, shame and fear
  • Cultivating more sexual intensity and orgasm
  • Creating nourishing relationships

Come and listen to world renowned speakers on topics that include boundaries, love, sex, emotions, self-worth. Spark up for passion, love, and a better business life. Get signed books. To book your ticket, click here

Dating and Relationships Conference

London, 09rd Feb 2020
Year of Amplified Orgasm
Beyond the Physical Dimension of Sexual Pleasure

  • What is Amplified Orgasm?
  • How to go beyond the physical dimension during sex
  • Diving deeper into sexual desire
  • Cultivating energetic orgasms

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Mind Body Spirit

London Well Being Festival
Olympia London
22-25 May 2020

Discover our incredible range of events, including festivals, live music, conferences, retreats and inspiration talks. Come & See us at the Exhibit Stands

Find out about our work, get signed books, and ask questions. To book your ticket, click here