What is Orgasm?

Orgasm, we know it all. But do we?
No matter how often we have experienced it before, we crave more.
What does orgasm mean for you?

The Book – Amplify Your Orgasm

Amplify Your Orgasm was inspired by my own journey to amplify my own orgasm as a man. In this book, I speak about the hard realities we face in our relationships and sex lives.

This two part book series draws on the latest in neuroscience, biology, and sexology as well as ancient ways of exploring sex through tantric practices and energetic bodywork to help the reader explore their body and mind in new and profound ways.

The accompanying workbook offers a step by step and practical guide for both women and men on how to lay the foundation for a nourishing connection and deeper, sensational, and intense sex.

Better Relationship, Better Sex Workshop

We believe that we men desire a lot of physical pleasure, connection, and intimacy with our partner but there are times that no matter what we do, in spite of our best efforts and intentions, our relationship suffers, sex becomes non-existent and communication begins to shut down.
In this workshop, we shared skills, tools and techniques that enabled men to have better relationships, better sex and more intimacy with their partners.

How to Have Better Relationships – 4 Quick Tips

If we have better relationships then our life is far more loving, nourishing, and we really feel happy. In this video I offer 4 quick tips that will enable you to have better relationships.