5 Tips on How to Make Relationships

Michael Charming
Orgasm & Relationship Coach, Bodyworker & Speaker

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It’s common to feel stuck or disconnected.

Yet, it’s never too late to improve your relationship in every part of your life.

Being in relationship is not just for some people.

It’s something we can all have if we give it the attention it deserves. 

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About the Author

Michael Charming is Orgasm & Relationship Coach, Emotional Detox Bodyworker, Motivational Speaker and a banker. Growing up in India he was surprised to find that sexuality was a big taboo which no one wanted to talk in society especially considering the fact that ‘Kamasutra’, world’s first sex ancient scripture on sexualitywas written in India, and erotic temples and sexual education was once a norm in Indian society. Since the age of 17, it has always been his dream to become a pioneer in the field of sexuality and bring transformation in society.

He is very well connected with Spirituality, Intuition, Love and Compassion and he believes in leading a balanced life consisting of both masculine and feminine. Using curiosity, attention, passion, love and sharp instinct, he specializes in supporting his clients living a desire-based life full of authenticity, power and freedom.

Michael’s core visions are to help people:
➢ Have more Orgasm in their life
➢ Better & Dynamic Relationships around them
➢ To spread love, happiness and deeper human connection

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