Emotional Detox

I feel more confident to be able to surrender to a man and trust that he might have my best interests at heart. I feel connected to my sexual essence and more aware of my boundaries with intimacy.
After two months of a scarcity mentality around sex, the day following the session, I connected to my desire for sex and reached out to a regular lover who I hadn’t seen in a while. We spent the night together and had oral and penetrative sex. I didn’t enjoy the very peak sensation in my body during the sex as my body was sensitive and wanted a different experience. I enjoyed that the conversation afterwards where I felt able to communicated clearly how I would like the experience to be and that my body wants something different. It was a huge turn on and I felt aroused and connected.
Michael sets a comfortable and informative container, he is warm and human about the experience and what is going to happen during the sessions. Michael is connected to his own body very openly which allowed me to go deeper into mine. Michael communicates clearly about what you can expect and did regular follow up calls to check in and asked questions that encouraged me to stay connected to the work, even when my busy mind was already thinking about other things. Overall, Michael is very encouraging in helping others have regular practices that connect them deeper to their body.

by Olivia, London (Introductory Emotional Freedom and Detox)

I am very Grateful to Michael for holding space for me and being my guide to my deep emotions that I did not even know I have. Thanks for being gentle with me and making feel comfortable in releasing all of that baggage and tension of the past

by Eugina, London(Introductory Emotional Freedom and Detox)

Michael was sensitive and compassionate. I felt he held the space in a safe, professional and considerate manner. I enjoyed my experience and felt that my body responded to his touch in a pleasurable way and it felt great to know that I was not 'damaged' like I had thought.

by Phillippa, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

My session with Michael was both pleasurable and healing. I could feel my body relax straightaway and my energy rising. His bodywork skills are amazing and he definitely has some great techniques to free the body from stress, knots and tension. Michael can hold the space when deep emotions come up to be released. I really felt safe and cared for during the session and would highly recommend him.

by Holistic therapist, Croydon(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

Michael is a skilled, sensitive and strong practitioner. I felt truly cared for, respected and experienced quite some energy release thanks to his strong, loving touch.

by Teacher, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

Michael has an all-encompassing knowledge of how the body works in relation to stress release linked to shift in emotion. He seems to have an innate ability to sense what the body needs all round to be able to release whatever trapped emotion needs to be released. He was able to adapt the pressure of his massage accordingly, without me needing to say much at all, to maximum effect. His work helped release tension there and then and greatly improved my general well-being in the following days. I felt rejuvenated, joyful and elated in the next few days after the massage as well as very relaxed and enjoyed the most beautiful sleep at night. He is a very caring and attentive practitioner who made sure I was comfortable throughout the massage. I enjoyed a most beautiful session with Michael and would recommend to anyone who is on a path of transformation and improvement on a physical as well as on an emotional level.

by Client, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

I felt safe with Michael. He seems like an empathic guy, caring and gentle. My session with him was nice. I felt nourished whilst also feeling like Michael managed to find quite a few places in the body of deep tension and pain. I enjoyed the combination of tender strokes anddeep pressure work.

by R, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

I felt really cared for, when working with Michael. After body works session with him I could feel more energy in my body and release tension from my pelvic area, which definitely has made difference to me getting up in the morning, when before it was impossible to get myself to wake up, to not having a problem with it at all. I strongly recommend working with Michael and experience his warm and safe environment and expertise.

by Eugina, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

Michael Charming is a compassionate practitioner, he is transparent about the process, open to questions and explains things in a way that is both clear AND lowers any awkward vigilance the customer might have. I would say he has an extremely good balance of limbic connection with his patient, professionalism and passion for the work

by Chas H, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

Michael’s bodywork session left me feeling cherished, profoundly relaxed, with a deep stillness tomy core. I felt much more integrated on all levels of my being.

by Psychotherapist, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

The sessions made me realise that I don't treat myself very kindly, and that I need to stop isolating. I realised how I make myself small and numb, and shut down, when I am in an overwhelming situation. The sessions have made me feel more perceptive, energetic and vital. I am standing straighter, and taller. One of the most amazing sensations was experiencing a body orgasm rippling up my spine as I felt the sweep of the palm of your hand with warm oil on my back! I did not know what a body orgasm was until I experienced Michael's bodywork! There were stages where it felt like heaven on earth. I would recommend Michael to anyone! Michael puts 100% of his knowledge & his energy into the satisfaction of his clients.

by Client, Copywriter, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

I felt blessed by the luxury of receiving Michael’s caring attention on my wellbeing during my bodywork treatment with him. Normally I am the one who gives – it was a joy to be able to receive.

by J, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

I discovered the physical cause of what deters me from sex. By touching into that pain in the session, I went to a vulnerable place, where I projected on to Michael that he was a threat, only to come out of that with his support, to see him simply as Michael. Now that I can see the reality of my situation more clearly, I’m less prone to the projection of myself as worthless because of my difficulties with sex, as well as the depression that follows. During the session I learnt to love my body more, and surrender my fears while he fully and lovingly massaged me. I would recommend Michael for his deep integrity and dedication to the practice. He is open, adaptable and caring, and is able to hold a space for strong emotions. The way he combined massage with coaching was powerful, and allowed me to take more ownership over my journey.

by Client, London(Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox)

I have had only one session but what I noticed was:

  • ✔ A definite easing of painful and aching body, restless legs, sleep issues, feeling of anxiety
  • ✔ My body felt lighter and less achy
  • ✔ My joints felt looser and more flexible
  • ✔ My gait was less jerky and stiff
  • ✔ Stairs were not so painful to traverse

These exceedingly positive and very noticeable effects of the treatment lasted for at least 3-days. My personality was definitely more positive after the treatment
Well, if I had a quantum leap in relief or better still, a cure, of my body and mind issues, I would be a living walking talking example of what this work can do I think I wouldn’t estimate how much people remain unconnected and hungry for touch and connection and because of not knowing that as a core issue they have, feeling violated by any suggestion of breaking that come-to-be-normal state – I personally don’t know what I could say, apart from either being a shining example or, if that person had something chronically wrong with them then relief in any form would send all objections out of the window

by Sandra, London(Introductory Emotional Freedom and Detox)