bodywork session

Michael Charming is a CPD certified Bodyworker who has helped hundreds of clients heal from trauma that has become locked in the body creating blockages to fully experiencing sexual pleasure and orgasm. He currently practices in the London area.

Emotional Detox through Bodywork and Full Body De-Armouring are techniques of healing and awakening based on the principles of Tantra and Tao. Michael has incorporated his own techniques and experience, after learning about bodywork at the School of Holistic Body Therapy. It is also known as Emotional Release or Emotional De-Armouring.

Just like physical detoxification using water, juices, organic and healthy eating, fasting, yoga and other forms of exercise which helps us to clear the toxins in our body, emotional detox helps to clear the stagnant emotions in our body. Throughout our life we experience negative emotions and experiences such as pain, hurt, anger, heartbreak, stress, sexual abuse, fear, depression, exhaustion, financial difficulties, and other painful experiences of life. These hardships result in emotional wounds.

These emotions, if not expressed or released, get stuck in our body and impact our physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being. Years of numbness or repressed negative experiences can be released, allowing positivity to enter the body and open the client up to receive healing, joy, and transformation.

Emotional Detox or Full Body De-Armouring are NOT forms of sexual services, NOR are they focused entirely upon treating sexual organs.

Both of these sessions:

  • Are a powerful and transformative form of therapy capable of releasing trauma at the cellular level within the body
  • Are healing modalities that treats the whole of your being
  • Release trapped, stagnant emotions and traumas
  • Remove blockages at a cellular level, enhance awareness, encourage spiritual or personal growth, and promote physical wellbeing