Path of Amplified Orgasm (PAO) Course

Have you read Amplify Your Orgasm and made a decision to get on the Path of Amplified Orgasm? This course is for you!

Michael has designed this online course to take a deeper dive into the concepts developed in his groundbreaking book so that you can begin to develop your skill set in bringing the five keys of higher consciousness (open mind, attention, awareness, presence, and intention) to each and every layer of the embodied experience (emotional, mental, energetic, physical, and spiritual).

The result? A much richer and more satisfying sexual experience, deeper intimacy and a more nourishing relationship, and of course, mind blowing orgasms!

Make sure you already have your copy of Amplify Your Orgasm along with the workbook.

The PAO Online Course includes:

  • 6 (30+ minute) videos that dive deeper into each layer of the embodied orgasmic experience
  • A step by step workbook designed to help you map your individual Path of Amplified Orgasm and turn it into a disciplined practice that enhances your life and relationships
  • A £50 discount on the AOM Online Course
  • Certificate of Completion for graduates of the PAO Online Training Course

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