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Desire ….

Desire constantly arises within us whether or not we are conscious of it. When we tap into our true desires, we will be led on the path of our higher life purpose. However, if we try to repress or deny our desires, the result is that we become distracted by lesser urges such as wants, compulsions, impulses, and greed. Usually, repressed desires lead to self-destructive habits, feelings of exhaustion and burn-out, and even depression and a loss of interest in things that we once enjoyed.

The fulfilment of our true desires serves our overall well being and those whose lives we impact. However, in a modern world full of choices, getting in touch with our true desires can be difficult.

Deep Dive Desire Coaching with Michael Charming is designed to help you:

  • Get in touch with your true desires so that you can stop wasting your time and energy chasing false desires
  • Learn to use desire as your compass so that you can have a more satisfying and fulfilled life journey
  • Overcome shame that you may harbour about your desires so that you can begin to let go of one of the major blocks to accomplishing what you want most in your life
  • Identify repressed desires so that they can stop doing damage in your life through compulsive, impulsive, or self-destructive behaviors
  • Learn how to identify fear when it comes up as well as how to process through it on the path to fulfilling your true desires

Desire Packages

Initial Deep Dive Desire Consultation

  • ✔ Fill out a detailed desire questionnaire to provide background for your consultation
  • ✔ 20 Minute Call with Michael to find out if Deep Dive Desire Coaching is right for you
  • ✔ Gain insight on a single issue related to desire that has been troubling you
  • ✔ Learn more about Deep Dive Desire Coaching and how it can work in your life

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Deep Dive Desire Full Coaching Session

  • ✔ Continue your Deep Dive Desire Journey with additional one-to-one phone, Skype, or other live 45minute sessions with Michael
  • ✔ Learn how to identify your true desires and how to stop living life on other people’s terms
  • ✔ Understand the difference between your small desires and your big desires
  • ✔ Learn how to live a life based on your own desires full of deeper meaning, purpose and greater satisfaction
  • ✔ Learn how to live a life based on your own desires full of deeper meaning, purpose and greater satisfaction

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