Relationship By Design Coaching
Taking Relationships Deeper and Making Them More Nourishing

I had lent some money to my friend on repeated occasions but didn’t had the courage to ask her back for the money I had lent. I was also afraid of losing my friendship with her as on previous occasions, whenever I had mentioned about the money, our talk has always ended sour. My previous conversations has caused set back within me and also within our friendship. I approached Michael relating to the question on how I can deepen my friendship with my friend. Both, my friend and I have a really special friendship except when it comes to the topic of money, when our conversation tends to get full of charged. I am really surprised that after having just one session with Michael, not only my friend agreed with me on the timelines on payback of all the money that she owed but our friendship deepened even more. I can’t thank Michael for that session, for his ability to listen and for being able to navigate me in this situation.

Client, England

I came to know about Michael through facebook. Sometimes I would come across his posts where he would share the success stories and the testimonials of some of his coaching sessions. I had been watching following him for almost six months. Finally, one day, I decided to send message to Michael relating to issue that I was having with my partner. He arranged for an 15 mins of short call where he explained the nature of his coaching and the ask from myside, which I gladly accepted. I signed up for his ‘Creative Coaching Relationship’ package. In the first session, I was really surprised how Michael made me see the behaviours and patterns that I had not been able to see within myself that were detriment to my own effects. We developed couple of daily exercises and he held me accountable for each of these for a week. I really loved these exercises. In the next session, I helped me resolve some of the issues that I had with the man I was seeing. As a result of his coaching, not only both of us got together, but we also became more intimate. Both of us had been telling lot of stories to each other which has made us distant from each one of us, inspite of both of us having the desire of wanting to be close together. I can’t really appreciate how much Michael’s coaching has meant for me. It felt like God has listened to my prayers and I feel so glad that I took the step and contacted Michael.

C, Midlands, UK

I met Michael in the park when I was totally upset, stressed and was crying a lot as my boyfriend had just broken up with me. Initially, he didn’t said anything but gave me few tissues from inside his bag and then sat down on the other side of the bench. After few minutes, once I composed myself, I went to him and thanked him for the tissues. He smiled which somehow made me felt so relaxed. We started talking where we both shared few things about ourselves. Realising he is a relationship coach, I felt he is the best person I can be at that point of time. I told him few things about my relationship and he said few things that completely resonated with me. Few days later, I had a chat with Michael again and I signed up for his coaching sessions. It was result of his coaching that I not only got my boyfriend back but we are far more closer to each other than ever before. He made me understand how to ask for boundaries, how to voice out consent and how not to believe in each other stories. Thank you Michael for those napkins and for all the wisdom and your coaching sessions.

Iwona, London, UK

Michael is really a very amazing coach. During one of the coaching session, I really got angry at what Michael had said, only to realise later that my anger was a defence mechanism that I was using unconsciously to avoid facing the hard truth of my behaviour and how I was acting out in my relationship with my partner. Michael didn’t took that anger personally and held the space really well which allowed more of my anger to come out. When I had settled, I felt that that whole experience had actually made my relaxed more as if some part of my body that had been suffocating me had been released. Thank you Michael for that session and for the exquisite attention you provided. After that session, I had more sessions with Michael and I feel very happy to see that not only my relationship with my partner has improved but my relationship with my own self has gone so much better. I have began to love myself just the way I am and this love is making spread more love in my life.

Darren, London, UK