past events

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Amplify Your Orgasm Book Launch

London, 22nd Nov, 2019

Book Launch & Birthday Party

Celebrated the launch of Amplify Your Orgasm with 80+ attendees

Book launch was a great success

Became Amazon International Best Seller

Details of the event can be found here

Women In Business Conference

Birmingham, 4th Aug, 2019

Talk on Emotional Detox to Becoming Multi-Orgasmic in which I shared:

  • What emotions are on a biological and energetic level
  • What causes emotional blockages & the impact these have on our overall wellbeing
  • How to release emotions and unblock stagnant energy
  • What is Emotional Detox through Bodywork (ETDB)?
  • Benefits of ETDB and how EDTB sessions help people on the path of feeling multi-orgasmic

Love Mastery

London, 11th May, 2019

Participants got to learn:

  • What is Amplified Orgasm?
  • Identify relationship triggers & tips on dealing with them
  • Importance of emotions & feelings for deeper connection
  • Difference between internal & external communication
  • Self-reflection & dismantling of behaviours and destructive patterns
  • Language of Love
  • How to have deeper & nourishing sexual connection & fulfilling orgasms

Women Economic Forum

Delhi, 13th – 15th Apr, 2019

Talks on the following three topics:

  • Understanding Wellness Through Orgasm
  • Taking time to Nurture Relationships & Friendships
  • Holistic Fitness: Factoring in Emotional & Mental Fitness

Money, Orgasm & Relationship

London, 30th& 31st Mar, 2019

Three Secrets for Happier, Healthier & Fulfilling Life

Participants learned:

  • The importance of nourishing orgasms
  • New approaches to trust, intimacy, and surrender
  • Deeper understanding of the meaning of boundaries
  • How beliefs affect relationships and hold us back
  • Reflection on attitudes towards money and how to create deeper alignment among energies relating to sex, relationships, and moneyDetails of the event can be found here

Dating and Relationships Conference

London, 03rd Feb 2019

Talk on Amplified Orgasm in which I shared:

  • What is orgasm?
  • Definition and language of orgasm
  • Newer perspectives and understandings of orgasm
  • Interactive exercises with the audience

Better Relationship, Better Sex

London, 24th& 25th Nov, 2018

2 Days Workshop For Men

An informational, loving & safe environment to teach men to open up, engage empathetically, and experience better sex:

  • Learned techniques that enable men to prolong ejaculation
  • Learned skills that enabled participants to understand women’s communication better
  • Learned how to navigate female desires
  • Explored fears around rejection and intimacy
  • Details of the event can be found here

Blissful Nights

London, 28th Nov, 2017

An evening event that included an experience filled with:

  • Connection
  • Energy
  • Joy
  • Intimacy
  • Love
  • Vulnerability