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Better Love Making

Learn How to Become an Ignited Man……

24th & 25th November 2018 | London UK

*Limited Tickets Only.

“Relationship goes beyond you but it starts with you. Relationships are not complicated, we are. Keep it simple”

‘Love Making and Energy Retention are essential for your overall well-being. Amplify them and see the quality of your life getting amplified’

Michael Charming, Orgasm & Relationship Coach


Learn How to Magnify Your Energy & Deepen Your Relationship

First come, first serve. Limited spaces only. There will be no nudity at this event.

We will create a loving and safe environment for all the participants to share, learn and grow together.


We men believe that we know it all when it comes to love making, but do we? If that would be the case then we would be having far more physical intimacy with our partner than we currently do.

For us men, love making is like a drug – the more we have it, the more closer we feel towards our partner. But if we don’t have love making that often, it starts to wear off and we start to feel agitated or distant.

As men, we want to provide greatest pleasure to our partner, we want to make her feel loved and show her that we are the best lover in the world. But still there are times that no matter what we do and inspite of our best efforts and intentions, our relationship suffers, love making becomes non-existent and communication between couples begins to shut down.

Obviously, there is still something we need to figure out. Often it is easier to blame our partner for not being aroused enough or find excuses somewhere else, it is quite difficult to look at our own behaviour, our own communication and our own attitudes that play a significant part in creating this dynamic.

In this workshop, through group sharing and learning we will be untangling some of these behaviours and attitudes while also learning some techniques and tips that will foster better communication especially when things gets uncomfortable. We will explore some of the areas that will enable us to become a better lover and allow us to have more love making and energy in our life.

Men who are single will get to learn the tools and techniques that will enable to have them better relationship and sex in future. Men who are currently in relationship will get to learn the tools and techniques that will enable to take their relationship and love making connection to a much deeper level.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Learn some techniques that will enable you to prolong your ejaculation

Learn skills that will enable you to understand women’s communication

Develop tools that will enable you not to feel frustrated when she says ‘No’ to your advances or she no longer shows the same level of sexual desire that she used to

Learn methods that will enable you to get away from the addiction of watching porn

Discover our own sexual fantasies and desires and how not to feel shame for having them

Explore the fear around rejection and intimacy

Learn how to convey more love towards her so that she gets to see the loving man you actually are deep within


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Organiser and Main Speaker

Michael Charming

Orgasm & Relationship Coach, Speaker and Author of the upcoming book ‘Amplify Your Orgasm’.

Considering that the ‘Kamasutra’, the world’s first ancient scripture of love making was written in India and erotic temples and sexual education was once a norm in Indian society. Growing up in India, Michael was surprised to find sexuality was a big taboo which no one wanted to talk in society. Since the age of 17, it has always been his dream to become a pioneer in the field of sexuality and bring transformation in society.

Michael’s coaching practice focuses on providing an experience of love and approval and he designs the best technique for each individual so that they can feel safe to come out, grow, become sensual beings and zing in all aspects of their lives and relationships. He believes in living a desire-based life full of authenticity, power and freedom.

Michael only works with limited number of clients at a time who are really serious about their own transformation and are willing to do the work for themselves. He specialises in working with both, men and women whether as individuals or as couples and his areas of expertise includes:

  • Orgasmic Meditation training and coaching
  • Relationship and creative relating
  • Desire based expressed living
  • Living intimate, connected and loving life
  • Love making based coaching
  • Emotional detox through bodywork

As a bodyworker, his (female) clients have experienced transformational changes in their lives after the sessions. Clients have felt profound relaxation, more confidence, rejuvenation, joyfulness, emotionally light heartedness and peaceful with oneself and their partner. Many of his clients have also experienced whole body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or they didn’t know that those existed.

Michael’s core visions are to help people have more Orgasm in their life and to spread love, happiness and deeper human connection. He is currently working on finishing his first book and in becoming an international public speaker.

Amazing Speaker's Panel

Ieva Kambarovaite

Award Winning Author, a Relationship and Dating coach
“There’s nothing more sexy than a man who’s a great listener and knows how to stay present.”

She works with men helping them to be the best version of themselves, whether it’s building more confidence, overcoming a porn addiction, freeing men from painful masks of masculinity or helping to have a better sex life. She’s a big believer in love and the advocate of connecting with the right person instead of just getting laid.

Eugina Oleinikova

Love, Pleasure and Desire Coach
She helps men and women magnetise their Dream partner and create the love life they desire. Being in sexuality space for over 10 years,  she is implementing learnings from Orgasm,  Buddhism, Tantra, NLP, BDSM, Art of Seduction though Movement, Life coaching and many years of self- development, self- discovery and healing. She is highly intuitive and open to guide and hold people, who never fit in the “norms” of society and are looking forward to unleashing their true desires in their life, love, pleasure and relationships!

Luke Scott

International Speaker, Television Host and Spiritual Mentor
"Everything in life is an exchange of energy. What you get is a direct reflection of what you give. If you want love, connection, joy and intimacy then this is what you must give out."

His main values are ‘We can have everything in this life that we desire, but first we have to find out Who We Truly Are and What we Truly Want.” His specialty topics are Spirtiuality, Public Speaking, Self-Expression, Communication, Law of Attraction, Sex and Intimacy, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Mindset Mastery.

Maria Porsfelt

Teacher at Tantra School in London
She has been practising tantra for more than 10 years and has been teaching tantra to hundreds of students for more than 5 years.

If you have any queries please email us: michael.charming.coach@gmail.com or send message on  Facebook page Don’t forget to like our page for regular updates.

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