Michael Charming’s Reflections

Relationship goes beyond you but it starts with you.
Relationships are not complicated, we are. Keep it simple

Love is blind but expression of love is not.One can only truly give Love or convey the feeling of it if one has Love within themselves

Communication is a two-way street.One person expresses, the other person listens and vice-versa. And sometimes both may end up listening (to oneself) at the same time but never should two people express to each other at the same time

Relationships mattered in the past, they matter now, and they will matter in future. Learn the techniques of how to have most amazing, healthy and nourishing relationships

Sex and Orgasm are essential for your overall well-being.
Amplify them and see the quality of your life getting amplified

Desires are always there, specially the sexual desires. Pay attention to them. Acknowledge them, embrace them, and fulfill the deeply rooted core desires. Your existence is the result of your parent’s desires

Authenticity is important for Deeper Orgasms.
Faking or forcing orgasm undermines your orgasmic potential.
Instead, be with what is and aim for resonance

Emotions are there to be felt, to be experienced and not to held or repressed. Set them free to free and liberate yourself