Ready to unlock your sexual energy and release trauma, abuse, pain, and other unwanted emotions held in the body for your own wellbeing?

Full Body De-Armouring

Full Body De-Armouring (FBD) is an in-depth and advanced session of Emotional Detox Through Bodywork (EDTB). In FBD, we look at emotions which have not been expressed or released which get stuck in our body and impact our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Years of numbness  and repressed negative experiences can be released, allowing positivity to enter the body and opening you up to receive healing, joy, and transformation.


FBD is NOT a form of sexual service NOR it is focused entirely upon treating sexual organs. What is FBD?

  • A powerful and transformative form of therapy capable of releasing trauma at the cellular level within the body
  • A healing modality that treats the whole of your being
  • Offers release of trapped and stagnant emotions and traumas
  • Removes blockages at the cellular level, enhances awareness, encourages spiritual or personal growth, and promotes physical wellbeing

Benefits of FBD

FBD is extremely effective to:


  • Reduce anxiety, panic attacks or fight/flight mode
  • Enhance embodiment
  • Positively impact depression, unhappiness, and lack of motivation
  • Heal past abuse, traumas and addictions by working through belief systems and neurplasticity
  • Reduce stress, tension, and depression
  • Address fear of sex, loss of interest in sex, inability to experience orgasm, and pain during intercourse
  • Allow the client to learn to fully let go or experience joy and ecstasy
  • Boost body confidence, self-esteem, and trust
  • Address Vaginismus (involuntary vaginal contractions/closing of the vagina before sex)
  • Reduce PMS and period pain
  • Other sexual dysfunctions

7 steps of Full Body De-Armouring:

  • Talking and listening where we will discuss boundaries to create a safe container, ask questions to get to know where you are at
  • Set up the session structure and intentions so that you can have a clear understanding of what you desire from the session,  work on removing any concerns or issues, making each other comfortable
  • The next part of session involves Kundalini meditation and some form of yoga to help calm the mind, get more in tune with the body, increase awareness, and to help and relax the muscles
  • There will be some form of connecting exercises which are aimed at bringing complete surrender to the body and to the session for the most profound healing and transformation to take place
  • The next part of the session is deep bodywork where we will use deep tissue massage to transform areas of numbness into places of pleasure, unblock the circulation, identify and untangle knots in the body, channel the energy flow at the cellular level, shift the energy centres into more alignment
  • The final stage of treatment is Yoni massage which is used to de-armour the genital area by dispersing stagnant negative emotions and trauma through  emotional release. Clients sometimes experience Female Ejaculation during this stage. During the emotional release, a client can also experience the release of sadness, fear, shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, mistrust (and more) while making the yoni more positive, sensitive, and orgasmic
  • Once the session is completed after care support is provided which includes an accountability partner, working on strengthening the newly created pathways, removing of unwanted beliefs, ensuring that mind and body doesn’t resort to old pathways
Body De-armouring Through Bodywork Packages

Full Body De-armouring Session

In this package you will:

  • Understand and experience the energy flow happening within your body, connect with your own feminine energy and learn to use the intensity of your emotions to feel empowered
  • Be released from unwanted and stagnant emotions though deep pressure bodywork
  • Become familiar with each other’s own body map (for couples), identify and loosen the places that hold knots and tension to release aches, pains, and muscular tension
  • Discover body parts which have been numb and reclaim your inner power by releasing toxins from the body which results in blockages and hinder blood circulation flow
  • Awaken and connect more deeply with your genitalia, sexual energy and feel more alive with a loving and open heart and a positive attitude towards life
  • Learn in a playful way how to create excitement by working through different energies

What’s included:

  • 30-45 minute consultation
  • One 4-8hrs full body de-armouring session
  • Two – three weeks of online support before and after the session
  • Guidance on developing a few practices to work through various habitual patterns
  • Provide you with Your Pattern Blueprint Template and suggestive methods to help you unleash your existing potential

PS: This is a clothes off session, once you feel comfortable. It is understood that whilst there could be a deep desire to experience this session, but one might not be comfortable with having their clothes removed due to shame, blockages, and various other beliefs. Prior to this session, there is a consultation that takes place in which we look at all these aspects.

Ready to remove blockages caused by past trauma and experience new levels of sexual pleasure, energetic resonance, and orgasm?


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