Full Body De-armouring and Transformational Emotional Detox

In this package you will:

  • ✔ Be released from unwanted and stagnant emotions through deep pressure body work and special breathing technique incorporating sounds that will untangle the tangles within your body
  • ✔ Become familiar with your own body map, identify and loosen the places that holds knots and tension (structural tissue) and will be able to de-armour the yoni and body to release aches, pains, muscular tension, emotional pain of anger, fear, shame, frustration etc
  • ✔ Enhance the production of sexual fluids and get proper engorgement of inner and outer lips (inner and outer labia) and the clitoris for women (penis, glans, shaft, scrotum and prostrate for men)that will enable to have healthy functioning genitals and more sexual energy
  • ✔ Reclaim your inner power through removal/dissolving of sedimentations (toxins) from the body which results in blockages and hinder blood circulation flow
  • ✔ Evolve beyond the person you know yourself and have the possibility of experiencing whole body orgasms and spasms, body shaking, shivering and emotional release for the overall well being

What’s included:

  • One-hour consultation
  • One 3-5hrs full body emotional detox session
  • One week of online support before and after the session
  • Satisfaction money-back guarantee (not sure about this yet)

PS: You will be not be having any clothes on during this session
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