Amplified Orgasmic Method Coaching

Due to the intimate nature of our work, the confidentiality and comfort levels of different clients, the names and identity of some of these clients have been kept anonymous at their request.

I felt anxious and nervous. A lot of fears about my body came up and fears of someone I didn’t know being there was a big one. During AOM I felt very self conscious and was very much in my head which brought up even more of my fears. The second AOM training was good. I had opened myself up more and I was able to be more present with myself. My fears about my body had reduced and I was more open to allowing myself feel whatever came up which was really beautiful to witness. AOM has allowed me to:

  • – to be more aware of my body
  • – to notice/observe things without judging them
  • – reduce my fears about my body
  • – bring up a lot of social conditioning I had around intimacy and my body

Michael was incredible! He has very calming energy which allowed me to feel relaxed during the training. Additionally, it was beautiful to witness and feel his passion and love for AOM. That passion and love really tied the whole experience together and made me appreciate it even more. He was very patient, firm and kind.

Female, Couple OM Coaching, London

Through these AOM session experiences I’ve learnt few key principles which related to be feminine and implemented on regular basis:

  • – asking anything means I need a help, nothing else. No necessary to feel negative emotions because I don’t have something or a kindness offered to support me. It not means I’m not capable, I’m useless or I’m unwanted. It was a very important lesson. I don’t involve emotion into this topic anymore or at least I have high awareness. If I ask help I do that simply, directly. If the answer no, I don’t feel rejected. If anybody offer a help I accept it without feeling of shame or I reject it if I don’t feel necessity without excuse.
  • – I’m not craving attention, connection because I deeper discovered myself and add new meanings to who I’m, how I’m making connection, redefine my needs. I’ve found a way, an environment to discover more and ask connection. I’m more grounded and peaceful
  • – In the past, to keep an eye contact was a challenge for me. Deep inside I operated a downside spiral.
  • – I didn’t have a stability, comfortable way of connection with myself or others, I didn’t understand my own energetic system or sensation so I felt shamed, wicked thoughts in my head. Because I was too hungry for connection maybe I was begging for it, put down myself. Regularly it caused inferiority feeling and I’m afraid of other person’s awareness and will take advantage of me or simply reject me. Now, as I’m in the present, in a curious state without no expectation and observe every AOM individually I can integrate this state and recall on daily basis. Of course, it is just a bright, hopeful beginning which I practise every day. That’s why I became more grounded, peaceful. It caused more occasion I don’t take situations or feedbacks personally.
  • – I’m more conscious because my chi, energy is flowing in my body and have more sensitive sensation.
  • – I’ve done few observation exercises alone regarding my genital and discovered the beauty <3
  • – I don’t feel guilt anymore because I want to discover or talk about sexuality or my desire.

I very much appreciate Michael’s attitude, patience, knowledge, sense of humour. It was the right time to open myself for this journey but without him I wouldn’t archive this result. He has great competence to coach you and gives away his time gratefully if you are 100% committed. His senses are well-trained to connect on different levels. Recommend him as an AOM trainer and coach.

Female Client, London

AOM has changed my life. Through these sessions, I have the following changes in my life now. I have more:

  • -self-trust: I let myself to have the present experience without any doubt, negative emotions, no matter the circumstances. I listen my own wisdom and forgive myself for my imperfection.
  • – easily express my desire even it is daily, average interaction or intimacy;
  • – I clarify in advance that what is the other person’s meaning in any situation. It helps me to reduce any unexpected expectation
  • – more intense body sensation
  • – if my negative emotion would keep me quite, I remind myself to express it and take 100% responsibility on it. Yes, others could be a catalysator but it is only my emotion. It is not other’s fault

I would recommend Michael as a coach and OM training partner too. His system helps you to keep on your decision’s path. Every next day he checked that how do I feel. He is open for feedbacks and take any request seriously.

Katalin, Female Client, London