I remember my first interaction with Michael and he asked me ‘What is my desire’ I was taken aback with this question as initially I didn’t really knew what he meant. I told him that I desire house, I desire boyfriend, I desire money, I desire sex. He asked me again the same question, ‘What is my desire’. I felt slightly agitated when he did that and told him that I have already told you. He didn’t reacted towards my agitation but stayed calm. Soon during the session I realise that these were not my real desires. What I really desired was safety, connection and self-care. He helped me see many different spectrums of my desires and also ways to achieve them. I would like to thank him for his honesty, guidance and for not reacting.

Jenny, Germany

I didn’t know what desire was until I met Michael. I had always been living my life thinking I have been living a desire based life but actually all I had been doing was living a life based on wants and other distractions. Thank you Michael for helping me truly identify what my desires were and how I can achieve them. I feel more happier and positive in life and I also have a much healthier attitude towards life.

Emma, US

I always had the tendency to not live in the moment. My mind was always engaged with countless thoughts which would make me feel tired and overwhelmed in life. I tried lot of things in life to calm my mind but nothing really seemed to work. I even had to take lot of pain killers to deal away with the anxiety and stress of life. When I met Michael, I had a lot of judgement towards him and I was not really interested in interacting with him. However, there was something about him that kept me pulling towards him and wanting me to engage with him. Finally I did and I am glad that I did that. Through this desire coaching, I don’t feel stuck in life anymore. I feel I can deal with different complexities of life with more calmness and presence. I can now tap into my own desires and live a life full of purpose. Thank you Michael and Universe for making it all happen for me.

Joy, US

Three sessions with Michael and I have cut all the crap that I have been telling myself for many years. Coaching with Michael was a truly life-changing experience for me. He gave me full permission and approval of who me as a person but he didn’t bought into the stories I told him about myself. I am really amazed at the level of his exquisite attention. The joy, love and warmth he carries allowed me to open up more. I began to see the parts of myself that I had been running away for many years. The entire time with Michael has been really transformative. His coaching consisted of regular calls, check-ins and some exercises. I definitely recommend others to give Michael a chance. You don’t know who you will become after interacting and working with him.

Jessica, UK