Emotional Detox Sessions

Due to the nature of work, confidentiality and comfort levels of different clients, the names and identity of some of the clients have been kept hidden as per their request.


Client, Emotional Detox Session

‘I felt my body completely clean like new. I saw myself completely in another world, in amazing mood. ….Few days after it was still somehow with me and I want to keep still keep it with me. It really helped me to find myselfor to see myself clean. ….My experience working with Michael has been so amazing. He has been caring a lot giving the information to the person who is in front of him, to be aware that person understand every single step, to solve questions out… After this session, I’m ready for the full body de-armouring session… If you want to do this session with Michael, I’m going to give you a little push to do it, really do it because you have nothing to loose and you have a lot to win. You will be deeply cared by him. .. Life is so beautiful and its full of negative things around us and we need to be more focused on us and he’s gonna help you, a lot. So, just do it and you’re gonna be happy.’

Client, Emotional Detox Session

‘.. Once I heard about the work, the main things I wanted to work were looking at relationships, looking at love and intimacy and family and loved ones, as to how I am connected with them… After the session I feel like a lot of trapped emotion has been shaken up. Couple of days afterwards, there was lot of processing for me. I was quite snappy, quite angry with people, not massively but in a noticeable way since I am quite happy, jolly person…. Since the session, I feel like there has been an opening like my heart and my love for myself has been more free and less blocked. So, I feel like where the session brought up the negative emotions or the anger and I feel like that was a clearing and it’s allowed like a soft, more gentle space for me to love and approve of myself… So, if you are thinking about doing emotional detox and working with Michael, I would say, just go for it…. There is so much in emotional detox that I have never heard before that has been been a real eye opening for me and I have gotten a lot out of it.’


I feel more confident to be able to surrender to a man and trust that he might have my best interests at heart. I feel connected to my sexual essence and more aware of my boundaries with intimacy.
After two months of a scarcity mentality around sex, the day following the session, I connected to my desire for sex and reached out to a regular lover who I hadn’t seen in a while. We spent the night together and had oral and penetrative sex. I didn’t enjoy the very peak sensation in my body during the sex as my body was sensitive and wanted a different experience. I enjoyed that the conversation afterwards where I felt able to communicated clearly how I would like the experience to be and that my body wants something different. It was a huge turn on and I felt aroused and connected.

Michael sets a comfortable and informative container, he is warm and human about the experience and what is going to happen during the sessions. Michael is connected to his own body very openly which allowed me to go deeper into mine. Michael communicates clearly about what you can expect and did regular follow up calls to check in and asked questions that encouraged me to stay connected to the work, even when my busy mind was already thinking about other things. Overall, Michael is very encouraging in helping others have regular practices that connect them deeper to their body.

Olivia, London, Client Emotional Detox Session

I have had only one session but what I noticed was:

  • – A definite easing of painful and aching body, restless legs, sleep issues, feeling of anxiety
  • – My body felt lighter and less achy
  • – My joints felt looser and more flexible
  • – My gait was less jerky and stiff
  • – Stairs were not so painful to traverse

These exceedingly positive and very noticeable effects of the treatment lasted for at least 3-days. My personality was definitely more positive after the treatment.

Well, if I had a quantum leap in relief or better still, a cure, of my body and mind issues, I would be a living walking talking example of what this work can do.
I think I wouldn’t estimate how much people remain unconnected and hungry for touch and connection and because of not knowing that as a core issue they have, feeling violated by any suggestion of breaking that come-to-be-normal state – I personally don’t know what I could say, apart from either being a shining example or, if that person had something chronically wrong with them then relief in any form would send all objections out of the window

Sandra,London, Client Emotional Detox Session

I am very Grateful to Michael for holding space for me and being my guide to my deep emotions that I did not even know I have. Thanks for being gentle with me and making feel comfortable in releasing all of that baggage and tension of the past

Eugina, London, Client Emotional Detox Session