Episode #01 With Cordelia Zafiropolo

Our today’s guest is Cordelia Zafiropulo. Her background is in the performing arts. Her passion for embodiment came through her training in opera which made her understand how deeply the body is connected to the psyche. After years of working with voice & expression she started her own business You and Your Voice to help people connect to their core, find their voice and become more fully expressed. She has worked with/still work for: executives & politicians, coaches & body workers, the Actors’ Centre, the Actor’s Temple.
Welcome to another episode of The Orgasm Coach brought to you by Charming Love. I am your host, Michael Charming, The Orgasm Coach, Sexual Healer, Relationship Expert, Bodyworker and Author and this is the podcast for experts where we help people to liberate their sex and orgasm and transform the relationship and life towards happiness, bliss and pleasure.
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In today’s episode, we will cover the following topics
* Voice and why is it important for embodiment, sex, and trauma release?
* What embodiment is and why working with the voice has a particular slant on embodiment which is different than other various embodiment practices?
*Why being in the body is so important especially when we live so much from our head and engage in world through that. Just imagine if how much pleasure we will be able to feel if we are able to learn how to live from our body?
* How our human experience changes and we begin to live the experience in totality when we learn to live within our body?
* How is finding voice different from voice in the head?
* How not shut oneself down and avoid doing something out of obligation?
* How can a normal person understand energetics which plays big part in voice, relationship, sexuality and indeed orgasms?
* How does voice helps someone in releasing Trauma and stuck energy?
* Why is it important to allow sound to come out during sex?
* Few tips for couple as to what they can do?
Contact Cordelia @ youandyourvoice.com or Instagram@ cordeliazafiropulo.
Email: voicepowertraining@gmail.com
To find out more about our work or for any questions, information and feedback do check out our website and contact us. Do connect with us on Instagram.
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Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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