Episode #03 With Ken Blackman

Our today’s guest is Ken Blackman. He is a coach, speaker, educator and author of upcoming book, Powerful Woman, Confident Man. This book focuses on the new art of loving passionately and building a resilient and fulfilling relationship. Ken’s life work is to guide couple through intimate love and connection using truth, transparency and compassion. He shows committed couples how to create relationship that uniquely serves them. With over two decades of experiences in love, sex and relationship, he doesn’t give standard off the shelf advice. He upholds each partner for who they are as he show them how to love and solve the problem in their relationship, reach their goals of co-creation and make full and permanent changes.

Welcome to another episode of The Orgasm Coach brought to you by Charming Love. I am your host, Michael Charming, The Orgasm Coach, Sexual Healer, Relationship Expert, Bodyworker and Author and this is the podcast for experts where we help people to liberate their sex and orgasm and transform the relationship and life towards happiness, bliss and pleasure. If you would like understand deeper meaning of human body and learn how to have more orgasms in your life, then check out my book, Amplify Your Orgasm. It’s for both women and men and offer practical tips on who all of us can have more of what we desire rather than spending a large part of our lives running around it.
In today’s show some of the topics covered are:
* Difference between New Model of Relationship vs Old Model of Relationships
* What Makes Relationship Open Up More?
* What does Connection means in Relationship & why is it important?
* Men want Sex, Women want Love. How true is that?
* Women buy tools that stimulate, Men buy tools that simulate
* How to handle communication between Powerful Woman and Confident Man?
* Importance of recognising irrational feelings and emotions in relationship
Contact and find out more about Ken at https://kenblackman.com/ or at Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kenblackmancoach/
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Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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